Why Asigest?

Unlike the insurance agents, representing an insurance company, the insurance broker will always act on behalf of the client. The broker is a completely independent consultant, whose main purpose is to find and negotiate the best insurance deals for its clients.

A partnership with Asigest guarantees:

  • Efficiency: working with an insurance broker significantly reduces or even eliminates from the client’s schedule the time previously spent on dealing with insurance matters;
  • Economy: the insurance broker will find the best solution available on the market, both in terms of costs and quality of coverage. In addition to this, our customers do not have a financial obligation towards it’s broker. A broker’s involvement does not increase the total insurance costs - on the contrary, usually an insurance broker will reduce your costs by approx. 15%, due to its position and power of negotiation on the market.
  • Professionalism: At Asigest our philosophy is a young and dynamic one, with a flexible management team, responsive to fast changes and focused on anticipating and thoroughly analyzing the client’s needs;

Our clients have chosen us also because:

  • We are one of the leaders of the Romanian brokerage market for more than 15 years;
  • We are a company large enough to provide quality technical expertise for all classes of risks, but local enough to understand your specific needs;
  • We are a broker focusing on fair long-term client relationships and not on immediate market-share or profit results;
  • We offer expertise in all insurance lines, up to date specialized market knowledge and highly professional accounts teams, empowered to provide timely service;