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Liability insurance

Regardless of nationality, profession, social position, each of us is responsible for our own deeds.

In some cases, we are also responsible for the actions of our children, the people or the animals we care for.

Liability Insurance protects businesses, property of individuals or legal entities and offers the necessary financial compensation for bodily injuries, illness or deaths suffered by third parties, financial losses as events of which the policyholders are directly responsible.

Financial compensation is made to the person whose insured person caused damages, injuries, injuries, etc. Those who have been harmed can sue those guilty of physical suffering or material damage. Liability can cover these amounts.

Among the most common types of civil liability insurance we mention:

  • responsibility of the employer
  • the responsibility of the manufacturer and the contractors
  • liability for commercial and industrial risks
  • responsibility for environmental pollution
  • the owner’s liability
  • the tenant’s liability
  • the responsibility of store owners
  • the responsibility of the public authority
  • motor liability, liability of cyclists, third party liability in aviation insurance, liability for the use of boats excluded from ordinary but covered separately
  • the liability of private individuals
  • the liability of certain categories of athletes (eg golfers)
  • responsibility of the manufacturer
  • professional liability for accountants, lawyers, architects, builders, covering liability for their errors, omissions or their employees, as well as for doctors, surgeons, dentists who cover damages caused for the same reasons
  • the responsibility of directors and administrators


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