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Brokerage assistants

Since 2013, Asigest Broker has developed a national network of brokerage assistants. Thus, through its own offices and the national brokerage network Asigest Broker is present in the big cities in Romania.

Thus, based on a mandate granted by ASIGEST Broker, you will be able to negotiate and assist the conclusion of insurance policies in the name and account of insurance companies, respecting the image and quality standards imposed by Asigest Broker.

For the insurance policies issued, you will receive commission in the form of a percentage of the value of the insurance premium related to the issued policy. This fee varies according to the goals and performance.

Benefits as Asigest's Broker partner - Brokerage Assistant

the possibility of issuing policies immediately after the signing of the Brokerage Assistance Contract, if the special legal conditions to act as Broker Assistant are fulfilled

technical management assistance and specific to the insurance industry from Asigest Broker and other Brokerage Assistants in the network

access to the marketing and image promotion program developed by Asigest Broker

22 insurers you can work with

higher purchasing power as part of a national network


year of experience







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