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About us

Asigest Romania is part of an international and independent group of insurance brokers, founded in Italy more than a quarter century ago. Worldwide, Asigest Group operates with more than 700 professionals. Asigest Romania offers insurance and consulting services with over 200 employees and partners, both through its national branches and through its partners. Maintaining the top of the brokers in the corporate insurance segment as well as the continuous development of the network of partners is the balance and the stability necessary for the continuity of the company in the insurance market in Romania.

The history of Asigest begins in 1994, the year we set up, with the main purpose of providing insurance consultancy to foreign investors starting business in Romania.

The founding members of Asigest had insurance experience in the markets with a tradition in the field, and they also joined a lawyer specialized in commercial law. Among our first clients were a furniture factory and the AGIP gas station network, and the collaboration with them has been long lasting, over 10 years.

In the almost 25 years of activity there are several moments that have marked our existence. For example, 1997 brought us the collaboration with RELAD, an impressive collaboration through business volume and attracted experiences. Further, another milestone was the partnership with CEFIN (Iveco) and our entry into the retail market. In 2013, we started developing the network nationwide.

At present, more than that, Asigest can be proud to be part of Asigest Holding, an international and independent insurance broker based in Biella, Italy, with branches in six European countries.

But not everything has always been so pink as today. The most difficult moment in our history is linked to the financial crisis of 2008, a moment that we only exceeded because of the entry into the retail market, which resulted in a stabilization of the portfolio. On the opposite side, we believe that our most important achievement so far is to maintain in the top brokers in the corporate insurance segment. In 2017, we brokered premiums of about 20 million euros, result that put us between in the top 15 – 20 places.









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