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Dear Client,

SC ASIGEST BROKER DE ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE SA, a company with headquarters in Bucharest, Str. Duiliu Zamfirescu nr.8, sector 1, E-mail: contact@asigest.ro | Phone / Fax: +40 21 230.40.85; 230.41.54, is registered with the Trade Register under no. J40 / 18869/1994, C.U.I. 6311898, registered capital of 150,000 lei, authorized by the Decision no.43 / 23.11.2001 issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority (former CSA), Personal Data Operator no. 6529, registered in the register of insurance brokers under no. RBK – 043 / 10.04.2003 and legally represented by Mr. Antonio Souvannasouck, acting as General Manager and further called BROKER,

Thanks you for your loyalty to the services provided and will ensure that he continues to do his utmost to provide you with the best information, services and insurance products for your protection!

This form is based on the new European legislation on the processing of personal data and aims at informing you of your rights in relation to the processing of such data, information to help you make informed decisions about of your agreement to process certain personal data that belong to you (“Data”) for the purposes and conditions below.

The general purpose of data processing by the Company is: the provision of insurance services (offering / issuing insurance policies, managing insurance policies), compliance with legal obligations.

We inform you that Personal Data processed by the Company, by the insurance companies or the Employees of the Company necessary for the fulfillment of the general purpose are, but are not limited to, the following: Name and Surname, Age / Date birth, address, CNP, email, telephone, citizenship, residence, nationality, proof of identity (identity card, passport, serial number).

We inform you that the legal basis for collecting and processing the data of the data subjects for each of the purposes defined above may be: the consent of the data subject (where applicable), the express request of the person concerned prior to the conclusion of the insurance contract, the insurance contract / the person concerned is a party, a legal obligation, the legitimate interest of the Company (for example, but not limited to fraud prevention / money laundering).

We inform you that through our processing and storage flow, personal data could be transferred to the following categories of recipients: insurance / reinsurance companies as well as other companies in the group they are part of, state authorities (including tax authorities), providers directly / indirectly involved in the insurance process (IT service providers, archiving service providers, etc.), state agencies, government agencies, if legislation so provides;

We inform you that you have cumulatively the following rights regarding the Data in the relationship between you and the Company: access right – meaning the right to request confirmation that Data is processed or not, and if so, you may request access to them, as well as certain information about them. Upon your request, you will also receive a copy of the Data, a right to rectification – meaning the right to obtain inaccurate Data Correction and the addition of Incomplete Data, including by providing you with additional information, the right to delete the data (” to be forgotten) – meaning that in situations specifically governed by law (especially if you withdraw consent or if it is found that the Data has been processed illegally), you have the right to obtain from the Company the deletion of the Data which concern you, the right to withdraw consent – meaning the right to withdraw at any time your consent to the processing of Data, the right to portability of the data – meaning the right to receive the Data you have provided in a structured format, which may be automatically read and the right to request that the Data be transmitted to another operator of your choice, the right to restrict processing – meaning the right to obtain from the Company the restriction of data processing in certain situations specifically governed by law (especially if you dispute the accuracy of the Data or if the processing is illegal, but you will oppose the deletion of the Data). In such situations, with the exception of storage, the Data will no longer be processed, the right to file a complaint – meaning your right to complain about the way the Data is processed. The complaint is filed with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

Any misunderstandings will be resolved amicably. In the event that the dispute is not resolved, clients can also address the SAL-FIN. SAL-Fin is a structure created within the Financial Supervisory Authority to provide Consumers with an alternative dispute resolution mechanism for non-banking financial matters, in accordance with the provisions of the A.SF Rules. no. 4/2016 regarding the organization and functioning of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity in the non-banking financial sector (SAL-FIN) and of OG. no. 38/2015 on alternative dispute resolution between consumers and traders.

Alternative dispute resolution procedures are optional, voluntary, separate from court proceedings and free of charge. In order to access alternative dispute resolution procedures, Consumers must address SAL-FIN in writing, directly at SAL-FIN headquarters, by post or other electronic means of communication.

Complete information on how to resolve disputes can be obtained at www.salfin.ro. The alternative solution does not limit the right of the parties to address directly to the competent courts.