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Marine insurance

Marine insurance

While commercial credit insurance compensates for losses caused by non-payment of commercial debt, the ultimate goal is to help your company avoid catastrophic losses and improve profitability. The key is to have the most valuable information about companies, business sectors and economic trends to avoid and reduce losses.

Depending on the type of insurance, the insurance policies are classified into:

Ship insurance – through which the ship and the equipment are secured (also known as “Hull and Machinery”)

Cargo insurance – by which the goods transported by a ship are insured
Freight insurance – the amount paid for the carriage of goods, the fare or rent for the ship

• Ship Builders Insurance – “All Risks” Coverage in case of total or partial damage, recorded during the insured period, including latent defects, flawed design of the ship, but will not cover the costs of repartition, replacement, modification or renewal of defective parts

• Civil liability insurance of port authorities – Port authorities, even in the case of a “passive” nature event, is responsible for the safety of the port and its surroundings, being prone to liability from any source. In addition to exposure to general civil liability and third-party liability, a large number of ports have concluded contracts for the rental of buildings, equipment, etc., and can be overlooked in standard port insurance

• Ship Repairer’s Liability Provider – Ship repairers are responsible for watercraft and equipment in their care, custody and control, as well as damage to third party property and personal injury, arising in the course of their operations. Our ship repairers liability insurance provides cover for legal liability that arises in the course of a ship repair business.


The benefits of having a marine insurance and aviation through Asigest Broker

• We negotiate directly with the Insurer to get the best deals for your company for any form of insurance.

• We monitor all of your company’s portfolio and notify you of expiration dates, advice in the event of an insured risk

• Dedicated account manager during the insurance contract


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