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When you face a serious health problem, medical tests, treatments and / or hospitalization involve expenses that can destabilize any budget. Big costs are not, however, the only obstacles raised by the state health system. The lack of medication and / or the low degree of compensation, lack of performance equipment, deplorable conditions in many hospitals, late programming due to shortages of specialists and, implicitly, endless waiting lists are other obstacles that every patient encounters in the health care system state of Romania.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that, lately, private health insurance has become increasingly popular among Romanians. The flexibility of private health insurance offers many advantages. Among these, easier management of medical expenses, as well as easy access to many private clinics and state hospitals in any part of the country, not only in the city of residence, but also abroad. In addition, time saved and the ability to switch from one healthcare provider to another are other undeniable advantages of a private health policy.

To better understand how private health insurance works, we offer five reasons to convince you of its importance:

You benefit from treatments and consultations in the private medical system

Through health insurance, you can choose private medical clinics for the health services you need.

You choose your medical provider from an extensive network

Medical care provides you with multiple access points through an extensive network of providers throughout the country. If you opt for a clinic outside the provider network provided by the insurer, you have the option to opt for the reimbursement procedure.

You save by covering costs

Health insurance covers health care costs. Whether you need an inexpensive or very expensive medical service, depending on the type of insurance, it can cover all or part of your expenses

Coverage is available whenever necessary

Health problems can occur at any time. Medical insurance coverage is covered whenever necessary and is recommended by a specialist.


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