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As a result of ASF notification 7932/ 27.09.2021 and in accordance with the provisions of Law 132/2017, Asigest Broker comes to meet you in order to advise high-risk Clients (defined according to Art 2, Paragraph 5 of Law 132/2017) regarding to their possibility to contact BAAR, https://www.baar.ro/asigurati-cu-risc-ridicat/.

In the presented situations, high-risk customers must be made aware of the fact that they can contact BAAR for the conclusion of RCA insurance contracts, and if they opt for this option, they should be instructed to follow the following steps:

  1. To complete the offer request form (see attached document) and to send it accompanied by the supporting documents indicated in it, to the Bureau of Motor Vehicle Insurers in Romania by one of the following methods: email: riscridicat@baar.ro | fax: 004 021 319 13 01| post office: Vasile Lascar str. no. 40 – 40 bis, et. 6, sect. 2, Bucharest, postal code 020502
  2. After submitting the application and the supporting documents, the settlement takes a maximum of 20 days, during which:
  • BAAR verifies whether the application is admissible and will communicate the result of the verification;
  • If he falls into the category of high-risk insured, BAAR will communicate the insurance premium and the insurer with whom he can conclude the insurance contract. The contract can be concluded within 10 days from the communication.

    For more details, please visit https://www.baar.ro/asigurati-cu-risc-ridicat/!

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