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100 moments in Romanian insurance history


Perhaps Romania does not have an insurance tradition as many countries in Western Europe, but Romania has also ticked many important moments, starting with the emergence of the first forms of insurance in the 14th century, these being addressed people who were confronted with the problem of family death. Thus, in the centenary year, PRIMM Asigurari & Pensii Magazine made a selection with 100 important moments in the insurance history in our country.

– It is founded in Brasov, the first Romanian insurance company – Fire House.

– At Sibiu,an insurance company against fire hazard, is in trial, but the idea is abandoned in 1864.





– The MTPL regulation enter into force and the new MTPL policy rates were applied.
– PRBAR – was officially launched in March.
– BAAR – Romania’s Auto Insurance Bureau has reorganized, led by Madalin ROSU (President).

– The new General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR entered into force on 25 May 2018 in all EU countries, including Romania.
– Alexandru CIUNCAN took over as UNSAR General Manager in September.
– The Insurance Distribution Act, IDD, was published in October in the Official Gazette. Basically, the entire cast is remodeled.
– The Competition Council announced in December the result of the MTPL market investigation. Penalties of 53 million euros for 9 insurers and UNSAR.
– The first Mentor Program was launched by PRBAR Academy and ISF.

– The new ASF Council was named. Leonardo BADEA was re-elected President and Cristian ROSU assumed the position of Vice-President of the Insurance Sector.

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