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Interview – Antonio SOUVANNASOUCK, PRBAR president



Antonio SOUVANNASOUCK (General Manager of ASIGEST Broker) was voted President of PRBAR  and will take over this position in March 2019 for a period of two years.

XPRIMM: Recently you have been voted as PRBAR President. What are the objectives of the association for this year?
Antonio SOUVANNASOUCK: We do not have goals only for 2019, but for the long term. Our goals are the same since our foundation and we are going to focus on them also during my two-year term as President of PRBAR. These are: increasing the role of intermediaries in the insurance market, strengthening the relationship with insurance authorities and associations and, last but not least, increasing the quality of services for clients, especially through financial education that we, the market, must deliver permanently for the consumer so that he understands the risks to which he is exposed in everyday life and the need for insurance products.

XPRIMM: On the financial education side do you have a number of special projects?
AS: PRBAR has had the initiative to create the PRBAR Academy from the very beginning and we managed to have a partnership with ISF (Institute of Financial Studies), which we want to continue successfully in the following years, by organizing training courses, insurance courses and seminars and the need for insurance products. New projects will take place in university centers and we have a series of projects that we want to conclude with the University of Bucharest and two other Universities in the country.

XPRIMM: In this mandate, have you proposed a series of changes / improvements regarding PRBAR activity and relationships with players and authority in the field?
A.S .: PRBAR is a young, but vocal organization that distinguishes us from other professional associations. We want to be just as vocal and we want to say things by name, we want to insist on the things we believe and think we need to make for the market to grow so that all consumers benefit from the best products and services and we will not spare any effort in our mission in which we believe – to mature the Romanian insurance market through a proactive attitude. Almost all of our members have over 20 years of experience in the insurance market and we want to translate our experience, in some cases even international, into the growth and maturity of the market.


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